Business Travel Bookings Might Cost Your Company’s Productivity. Here is How to Overcome It

Endless innovation is needed to ensure the survival and growth of your company. Hence the reason why you need your employees to do their best in the job whether it’s working in or out of the office. For some employees who need to do constant business travel to different cities, they will expect the company to facilitate their travel needs such as tickets, travelling fees and accommodations.

Facilitating business travel is not an easy task especially if you have many employees who often travels in many different cities in Indonesia. The task takes effort and time to finish it, you need to be extra cautious with your decision to make sure everything goes well and accordingly. There are also many challenges that can threaten your company’s productivity during the process of searching the right accommodation for business travel. Let’s cover one by one to see how you can overcome it.

1. Necessity of Mass Booking

Mass booking is necessary because in the case of business travelers, they will be scattered in different location across the country. Different destinations caused complication because you will need to do many calls to different hotels and make separate bookings based on the trip requirements. This is why having dedicated hotel partner is beneficial and ease the whole booking process.

2. Accountability

Surprisingly, hotel is the second most expensive cost in business trips. And according to report released by Certify (A developer of SaaS technology for expense management) there are estimated 50% of employees who lost their paper receipt while the other 45% failed to submit their expense report on time. This will cause troubles for the division handling business trip expenses (often referred as General Affair). Not to mention the hassle of the manual input process through the computer, it’s certainly not efficient and sometimes the productivity is put into the question here.

3. Billing and Payment

Payment method is something that should be highly considered when doing hotel bookings because imagine doing separate payment on different hotel. There will be a back and forth process which create a high chance of inaccuracy and other troubles. Moreover, some companies depend highly on their cash flows to run hence on time payment may not be a good option. You need a reliable payment method to choose to ensure your company expenses is well spent.

Those challenges mentioned above need to be acknowledged and solved hence it will not cost your company’s overall productivity.

With Airy For Business, a new service from Airy Rooms, the largest and trusted budget accommodation network in Indonesia, you can overcome all of those challenges with ease. First, you can do mass booking without any hassle. Forget the old way of numerous phone calls and separate bookings. Now with several clicks, you can manage all of your employee bookings and merge it into one booking. Variety of Airy Rooms in different locations are available in 38 different cities spread across Indonesia.

Secondly, with Airy For Business, you will get hassle free report in CSV from, which you can download and customize yourself in your computer. Say goodbye to manual way and say yes for the rise of productivity.

Thirdly, Airy For Business offers centralized billings and flexible payment method such as pay on book or invoice. Centralized billing makes payment process much more easy. And Invoice feature let you save your payment until the end of the month, no need for repetitive payment from the company side, all will be settled in one payment for each month.

Let’s face it, your company need a breakthrough from traditional way and productivity do matters to ensure the growth of your company. Hence never overlook the importance of choosing the right hotel partner for your company’s business travel matters.

Look no further and join Airy For Business today. With wide selection of accommodations across Indonesia, hassle free expense report, easy centralized billing and flexible payment method, your company will be in the right hand. Register today at or send your email to, a representative from Airy Rooms will contact you to join the service.

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